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 "Stay Focused, Stay Righteous, Train With Purpose"


Coach BritYah


BritYah's unique approach to fitness aims to transform the Body, Mind, and Spirit of her clients through fun, challenging and carefully curated functional full body HIIT workouts.

​Brityah was a professional basketball player who after going back home became homeless due to low women’s pay overseas. She soon fell into depression, had anxiety, her eating habits were very unhealthy, and she gained a lot of weight while being back in the United States.

Yahuah soon saved her and led her to healthy eating and the benefits of exercise. Yahuah not only transformed her life, health and wellness, but he inspired her to create the brand “Bloom for Yah” to serve, inspire, and inform others in her community on the importance of exercise and good nutrition. She became a personal trainer and group instructor and has since then learned how to use her gifts and talents to serve and uplift the kingdom through Health and Wellness not only in the physical but the mental and spiritual as well.

HalleluYah for His healing, deliverance, and guidance through Yahusha.

History of fitness: BritYah has a miraculous athletic history. In college she was the Big West player of the year two times in a row, the number one scorer in the nation, and all time leading scorer at UCR. She played professional basketball overseas, and now has 4 years of group fitness and personal training experience. She wants to serve others in the community through health, wellness, and spiritual growth.

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Coach Chloe


YAH has redeemed her from much, and in His process of redeeming fitness for her, she became deeply passionate about seeing this union between faith and fitness come to fruition. She desires not to see spiritualizing fitness, with ulterior, selfish motives, but truly esteeming YAH with how He has made us. She quotes " We are His IMAGE BEARERS. Should we not seek to act like it in all our ways?"

 CrossFit is her favorite style of training. She has experience coaching this in group training and personal training. Her favorite part of CrossFit is weightlifting.

Coach Chloe has an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach certification, and a CrossFit Level 1 cert.


Coach Sta'phan

Sta'phan has experience in various training styles, however his preferred style of training is Calisthenics. He enjoys the discipline and self-control aspects that must be practiced in order to reach your full potential. He also believes that the mobility, flexibility, and stability practiced in this training style can be beneficial for all who are looking to better themselves in those aspects.
On top of doing cool gravity defying moves, he has a true passion to train people spiritually. He enjoys seeing people transform not just physically, but spiritually, and mentally as well. After his deliverance from a life and death situation, he has decided to take that same dedication and discipline he had towards calisthenics, and direct it towards the kingdom work.
His ultimate goal is to help others become fit vessels for Yah, and to help them to love Yahuah and their neighbors as Yah loves them. He wants others to know and understand their purpose in training, and wants to see them Bloom For Yah from the inside out.

Sta’phan holds dear to him 1 Timothy 4:8 which states,

“For bodily exercise is profitable for a little, but reverence is profitable for all, having promise of the present life, and of that which is to come.”




Opportunities To Serve

If you are looking for a place to tend to The Master's Harvest with Bloom For Yah, please send us an email at with your name, gifts and talents, areas you'd like to serve in, and location.

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