" I'm a wife and a mom of 2 teenage boys. A year ago my oldest son and I we're in the worst health we've ever been in our lives. I was pre diabetic at 5'2 at 185 lb and my son had type 2 diabetes A1C was 10.9 and at 5'11 he was almost 300 lb. My son needed to take metformin and insulin on a daily basis. 

Coach Brittany definitely stood out above the rest. She will definitely challenge you to unlock your full potential but very motivating at the same time.

She always made sure we succeeded in our health and fitness journey and guided us through it even when we wanted to quit she really helped us keep going. 

Fast forward to now a year later my son and I has lost over 100 combined. I'm no longer pre diabetic and my son no longer needs his medications.

Even though coach Brittany is no longer at our bootcamp we still meet through zoom workouts because she's simply the best. Definitely a sweat sessions that yields real results!  

I believe with the right guidance from an amazing caring coach the results will follow. My son and I are forever thankful to coach Brittany for inspiring and motivating us to see past of what we once thought was impossible!"


"You were part of my journey, you pushed me to my limits, broke thru them then allowed me to believe in myself that I can do it, I can do more and I am capable and confident in hitting these goals The best thing that came outta joining fit body was meeting you and having you as my coach and friend."

Brityah is the best trainer!  She’s supportive, accessible, and knowledgeable. She focuses not just on weight loss but your overall well being. I’ve lost weight and gained muscle. However the most important thing I’ve learned working with her is to treat my body like the temple.

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